Lean Operations

Lean Manufacturing or Lean Operations is an important process in any business.

It helps us target specific areas of our work that can directly improve our efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Our objective is to help you implement this philosophy in a cost-effective way.

operational excellence service and reduce your costs and increase growth

How can lean implementation help my business?

The application of a lean philosophy within your business will help:

  • Helps eliminate wasteful activities in all processes.
  • Maximises the value content of work activity.
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Increases process efficiencies and effectivity.
  • Utilises less workspace.
  • Enhances workplace safety.

Why is it important?

We advise, train and implement training programs using proven Lean Operational techniques successfully implemented in businesses of all types, all over the world.

Lean Operations is having the determination to do our jobs better and more productively.

It’s about everyone having the responsibility and opportunity to improve what we do.

The role of Keith Hoey and Associates is to help you guide you, as a business leader, to a successful and fruitful deployment.

Our Support Includes

  • The Lean Consultant is there to help you improve your Business. His role is to help you become fully self – sufficient in the application of Lean Principles and to become successful in your quest to reach Operational Excellence in your organisation. You are free to use him as much or as little as you need to.
  • Involvement can range from the full design, delivery and execution of a full education and implementation programme to a few words of advice on how best to proceed with your own existing programme of Lean implementation.
  • Training materials include bespoke packages that are designed to be both interesting and effective. All materials shall be designed specifically to fit your corporate image utilising your in-house presentation templates and logos. Wide use of video is used to re-enforce delivery and to aid communication of the process throughout the business.
  • Training packages include desktop simulation games that drive interactivity and promote team building whilst at the same time providing undeniable evidence that the application of Lean Principles work.
  • All programme materials are yours to keep and to use in any way that you see fit. Provision of full training materials designed to educate and inspire your most important asset – your employees.
  • A cornerstone of Lean Principle activities as recommended by Keith Hoey and Associates is to train organisations own coaches to deliver the programme throughout your organisation and to create “in-house” ownership of the process.

Core Subjects:

In order to go into more detail, we have broken down our operational excellence services into a series of core subjects. Find out how each one can help you reduce costs and improve business efficiency.

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