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Are you looking for something that can help you to deliver the results from your business? Would you like your workforce to be highly participative and contributing more to your organisation’s success on all fronts?

As Operational Excellence Consultants, we analyse your processes in order for you to be more efficient and profitable. Our objective is to then help you implement these types of processes in a cost-effective way.

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What is Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is the ability to analyse operational processes in order to identify wasteful activity (thus reducing cost) and by identifying and maximizing value-adding activity (thus driving increased profitability and process efficiencies).

With over 1.4 million businesses within the UK private sector having employees it’s important that companies engage their staff to in order to keep maximising value-adding activity. The workforce participation is the KEY factor in making any Operational Excellence process successful.

By engaging with them, and working with them to improve their processes, improved results will have a significant impact on productivity and profitability.

Everyone within the business, at whatever level and in every function, should be focused on delivering the operation excellence fundamentals.

Why is it important?

According to Merchant Savy, the UK has achieved an average growth rate of SME’s by 31% since 2010. Therefore, in order for a business’s continued success and growth, implementing a good training and education program ensures your employees have the knowledge, tools and mindset to drive improvements.

This will enable sustainable, continuous improvement designed to give a competitive advantage over the competition in your industry sector.

Companies that develop these processes have an in-built capability that can fix problems/issues as soon as they arise.

What does it mean to you?

Operational Excellence can bring huge benefits to businesses. Key to its successful implementation and adoption is ensuring that the design and execution of the chosen strategy is of the highest standard.

The correct strategy along with the appropriate, well designed and professionally delivered training will produce the desired results from a productivity and profitability standpoint.

How long does it take to implement?

An operational excellence strategy is not an overnight process and takes a big commitment from the whole of the organisation both in the short and long term.

Implementation time depends on workforce size and what tools and techniques are to be used – in most cases however, positive results can be achieved almost immediately in some operational areas.

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How can it help your business?

Executing an operational excellence program helps support your workforce improve processes in a relentless fashion that will have a significant impact on productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction levels.

By focusing on business strategy, workforce, current process design and operating model.

We can help develop a measured, adaptable training package covering areas such as:

  • Improving Staff Engagement
  • Drive out Waste from processes.
  • Maximise Value adding opportunities.
  • Implement a process AND result-focused strategy
  • Improve product and process quality to deliver enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Develop individual and team skill sets
  • Deliver profitability, development and growth for the organisation

Can Operational Excellence be implemented within any industry?

Yes, it can. We work with businesses of all sizes and deployed a range of programs to suit their industry. We’ve worked with clients in manufacturing, marketing, IT, legal and other service industries.

It does not matter what size of the organisation we are talking about, the principles of Operational Excellence can be applied with outstanding results.

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Principles of Operational Excellence

A set of overarching, guiding principles applied to all processes and functions within the business.
Improves product and process quality delivering enhanced customer satisfaction.
Is about people engagement in improving the work they do continually.
Delivers profitability, development and growth for the organisation.
Develops individual and team skill sets.
A process and result-focused.
Is a never-ending process.

Core Subjects:

In order to go into more detail, we have broken down our operational excellence services into a series of core subjects. Find out how each one can help you reduce costs and improve business efficiency.

Operational Excellence

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Change Management

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